More about relationships

Relationships and Rules

Relationships and Rules
More about relationshipsAh yes.. Let me talk more about relationships.
Following up on the last article, I had to point out that the questions and experiences are about us, GenX people.
Now in relationships most of us undergo some of the same situations, with some spicing up here and there.
But it is us, GenX women, who are so baffled.
We get to a certain stage in our lives where our baggage is quite substantial..
Cargo style ๐Ÿ™ˆ..
And whomever crosses our path has the same issue.
Not the same as the new generations now, or the young ones.

When it’s the fresh kind of love.

More about relationships

We have to juggle.
And between both of us partners, it can be such an enormous task.
When we are set up in our own ways and routine.
At an age when you don’t even have patience for yourself.
Hence I cannot stress enough on begin to love yourself. First.
Once you do, accepting others can become easier. Because you are clear in yourself, and what it is you accept and what it is you don’t. Yes or No.
Life has different and so many shades of grey, but with things relating to relationships at the age of GenX, it’s yes or no. Otherwise, one of the partners starts taking the other for granted.
I’m sure it has happens to most of you, correct?

There are, let’s say Rules. I don’t mean it to sound like a business proposition. But our relationships need guidelines.

The question then remains; Does it really need such efforts? To be and stay in a relationship?
No! Because a true mature relationship doesn’t require efforts. It’s understanding, respect and love.
So do remember, to achieve this level of bonding, the only foremost and important relationship is the one you have with yourself..
I leave you with this for thoughts,
Much Love
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