Relationships!What is it about relationships!?

The Baffling question; is it better with or without?

Married couples or in a relationship around me seem to want to be free. While singles want to meet someone and live happily ever after.

As if that existed! Have you ever known anyone who is? Please do share if u do, as I believe this is a rare and extinguished life species.

Just like dinosaurs.. Remember them?

Yes go figure!

Let’s stay focused..

Relationships.. Hmmm..

Ah, and the best part is when you find yourself in one, no matter who the partner is, you have that vibe that attracts the opposite gender..

As a woman, you can’t get enough compliments.. or enough insinuations..

But; Break up..

And then remember this article..

Alone.. And no one comes knocking.. Not even a phone call from that man who killed himself, yes before, to get your number..

What is it? Vibes? Energies? Oh Boy!! I don’t know.

The only advise, if I can call it that, is; Don’t care!!

Yupppp.. Absolutely don’t care.

Relationships!The key to Happiness is; Love yourself and be content just with yourself..

Nothing is more fulfilling and nothing is more rewarding..

Happiness comes from within. I think it’s the only way to make any relationship work.

By starting with a deep and meaningful one with your Own Self..

In worth. Respect. And acceptance in gratitude and love.

Always HamdAllah.

I leave you with this for now,

Much Love


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