And my entrepreneurial journey continues

And my journey continues… Part III

And my entrepreneurial journey continues… Part III

And my entrepreneurial journey continues

I dream.
Then I learn every single day. Every hour and minutes.

To be honest. Some things are quite beyond me. I need to call and rely on other at times. Too much.

I never forget anyone. I always return the favor. Always.

Don’t be shy to ask

Don’t be shy to say “I don’t know”. Ask. Or Google it.

My partner at times, and I doo love to do this when he is around, gets all frustrated when I say “sorry I didn’t get it”! But I say “Thank you” and shake hands on it.

And my entrepreneurial journey continuesHis protective side kicks in and he doesn’t want me to appear “silly” . Isn’t he adorable??
But the thing is, I don’t really see it that way. I have no issues in asking for clarifications.

And I absolutely don’t think twice about what others think about it. As long as I did not fully grasp whatever is being discussed. My mind functions a certain way, and the info need that channel to be absorbed. As simple as that.


I do believe that each one of us is brilliant in one part or another. What might seem silly to you, might actually be quite difficult to me. And vice versa. In my domain, what may be so clear to me and obvious, might not be to you.

Hence my advice to you

Don’t be shy.

And my entrepreneurial journey continuesRefuse to let anyone else’s look or words stop you.

Never accept to be bullied. Even if it’s with the nicest and most loving intentions.

And trust me. I am talking out of experience.

An Interior Designer who plunged into the tech world..

In a period of my life, when patience with myself is practically running out.

Stand up. Tall and straight.

Be positive. Be grateful.

Dare and look outside the box.

And my entrepreneurial journey continues

Don’t restrain yourself with imaginary lines and rules.

As long as you are fair and honest, any journey you embark on will be worth your time.

I leave you with this for thoughts.

Much Love


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