A word that holds the world in it.

Above all, a word as powerful as anything I have encountered in my life.

I write this, as a tribute to my own Mother, God Rest Her Soul.

Known to many, and a more wonderful, amazing human being I have yet to find. Not because she is my Mother. No.


That is to say, this tribute comes from all those who have met her, and were blessed to have her in their lives. She was Kindness, Warmth, Generosity, Inner and Outer Beauty, Grace and Humility.


Above all, I miss her every single day. Therefore, I talk to her, nag, and tell her everything that is happening to me and around me.. I share my ups and downs. My sadness and my joys. Similarly, I ask her for guidance, and for clarity.

Certainly, She has never left. Her physical body may have been transported to another world, but her soul, her presence is ever around me. In other words, I can feel her watching over me, I can feel her energy. Blessed and Grateful, I am, for her being still such a huge part of my life.

She is my Angel

We are humans. Cherish your Mothers. You have only One.

Hence, love them, with warm embrace, and pamper them as they pampered you.


Being a Mother myself, I know that my whole existence goes to my wonderful three boys.. May God Protect them..

Nothing is too much, when they ask.

In the end, raising a family nowadays, is such a task.. Not too much… Or too little.. We just need to find the right balance.

Therefore, Mum! You had the most difficult job of all. And to you, it was effortlessly, and you gave us everything selflessly, without asking in return.


I hope you are hearing me now.

I miss you.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all Mothers out there.

Much Love





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