why disrespect

Why disrespect?
Can you explain it?

Why disrespect?

Can you explain it?

Some people’s arrogance is borderline with disrespect.

Do they really, actually think this makes them superior?

Similarly, I can never understand why. Does treating people with such disdain make you important?

why disrespect?

Why disrespect? This attitude truly disappoint me. Big time.

It’s not the attitude that makes you. You, as a person make YOU. But those people obviously don’t that. Obviously!

The way I explain it;

In other words, the way you dictate your behavior makes you.

We are Humans. With brains. Emotions. Empathy. Use them. Try to be polite. Smart and caring. Be true. And genuine. Above all, positivity attracts positivity. Above all, that in itself is the law of attraction.

When you are kind, you start attracting kindness and kind people around you. However, I am not naive, as to think everyone is good. Oh noo. There is so much evil and pettiness around us. For us not to fall prey to it and become as such.

For instance, why would anyone give you an appointment for a business meeting, and not show up. Or not even call or send a message to apologize? Or answer your call or texts?

What do they gain? Why disrespect? Doesn’t they know, that in the end they are only disrespecting themselves?

In the end;

Please! Anyone? Do u know? Can you explain such baffling attitude?

That is to say, I am certain some of you have been through a similar experience? Correct? And therefore might be able to shed a light to my total ignorance in this matter. Your thoughts are so very welcome and let’s say much needed. Otherwise, my beliefs in Humanity is definitely taking a plunge.

In conclusion, and of course not as disrespect, I would really appreciate anyone who would be able to tell me.

Really and from the bottom of my heart.

Leaving you with this thought,

Much Love


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