The weirdest thing

The Weirdest Thing


Hello Everyone,

The weirdest thing;
The weirdest thing

This is the weirdest thing nowadays!!

As long as you are kind, easy going and not, yup, not a nagger, you are considered weak.

That is to say, what did it take to have us reach this point in our human interactions?!

What has happened?


I sit and drown in my own reflections.

In other words, Humanity! Where have you gone?


I, for now, am at a loss to explain.

I do think it takes more courage to be kind. It takes a sheer power of will and character to be forgiving, to be amiable..

the weirdest thingCertainly, the easiest thing, I utterly believe, is to shout.

Shout, with all the repented anger within us.

Shout, with all the destructive forces one can have.

Shout, and use all those vile and foul words that we have in our vocabulary.

The result;

Now I definitely agree, it does feel good to say some blasphemous words from time to time. No idea why but it has a kind of momentarily soothing effect.

the weirdest thing

It deflates the anger, the stress and the frustrations.

However, we mostly regret it afterwards.. Some of us at least.


Do you remember the times you wished to take back something said in anger?

As a result, you start to feel bad. Your emotions start a roller coaster felt only by you. Unless you take it out on some poor unaware soul next to you.


My opinion;

The weirdest thing

In conclusion, and in my humble opinion, kindness is strength. The power to preserve your integrity, and to hold your thoughts and actions in control.

Above all, Let’s work to make Kindness.

Give out our hand in help. Accept help from others.

Be open to Receive. Be open to Give. Be open to Share.

This, my dear friends, is what I admire and work on every single day.

It’s food for your thoughts.

Reflect on it.


Much Love



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