isnt it the same experience as yours

Is it the same experience as Yours?


Hello Everyone,

Travelling; The Same experience;

much needed controled wandering

Wandering.. On a controlled itinerary!

Therefore, I am off on some very much needed vacation days. Hoping to be able to disconnect. Well I can always hope!
Especially when my Bestie calls and kind of, let me explain, gets mad at me for not visiting!

Ticket bought and up on the plane I hopped..
Work can wait 3 days.. Thank God I am able to.. When your work is your own and you are a free-lancer, this is one of the best advantages.. Forgetting that there isn’t a stable and secure pay-check at the end of the month.

Pros and cons. Like everything in life.

Airport are the craziest of places. I seem to be constantly waiting and planes getting delayed.
Maybe there needs to be some sort of residency for all of us who stay waiting for hours!

Same experience? Hasn’t this happened to you too?

Do you think it’s just luck?

After all, luck is not something trivial. With every possible energy I work through and every gratitude I send out to the universe, there always seems to be hitches.
While making the reservation online, I paid extra to book my seat, so as to try to be seated at the front. Well, when you fly commercial and economy class, you do try to be sitting as close to the front as possible. However….

The Common Trouble;

muche needed controled wanderingWhy and why is it that the noisiest and most obnoxious of people always end up sitting behind me??!!!
You know which ones I mean! Yes??

The ones that either speak too much. Or loud enough for all the plane to hear. My earlobes sure get first class row seat..

Oh yes.. Not forgetting The Kids.. The crying and unsatisfied baby that parents can’t control…

But to top it all.. Was the guy sitting across the aisle, next to me on this trip.
He decided to watch a game of some sort on his mobile, in a language that was foreign to me, with a commentator that was more enthusiastic than the Olympics’ Commentator with cheers and shouts. Which sport?! No idea.

The Story;

Ohh.. Wait. We are still grounded, as the plane has not yet been given permission to take off.

He stops the game.. He is sending voice messages. Please guess what!!! As he receives the reply, he puts it on speaker and we can all hear. A soft woman’s voice.. Oh I wish I could understand what she was saying.. Her reply was taking up to 1 or 2 mins. Hmmm. Wonder what this is about..

much needed controlled wandering

A soft romance continuing? Her voice is calm.

Or a soft break up?

Business?! Guess not! By the look on his face and the sad smirk he just had..

Ah ha!! Now he is listening back to his own voice message.. Which starts; “Hi Stephany, how are you?!”

End of this Story;

Darn!! He just put on a cotton hat that he lowers onto his eyes and drifts off to his own world. I was curious and wanted to know his story.
Seems this time, it was not meant to be. His life will remain a mystery.

I'm sure this happened to youLife has a way of giving and taking while deciding what to give and take. It’s not up to us to decide. Well, in some instances..
At least the guy behind me will keep me busy and entertained with his constant pounding on the seat tray!! Urrgghhh…

After a while, I do believe the universe took head of my annoyance.. The guy behind me moved seat to the opposite aisle. Yeyy.. Someone is definitely watching out for me. HamdAllah !

The life of planes and airports.
Extremely weird same experiences! So many people, so many languages.. Many encounters and Many stories…

In short, we all go through a similar situation.. Right??


Much Love





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