A new start. Again

Turning Point
A New Start… Again!!


Hello Everyone,

a new start again

This is a new start.. Again!

A new chapter, well more like a new book for One True Blue.

The beginning;

First of all, starting the blog has been an amazing experience. It was all fun. And my call to arms to my friends was awesome.. They expressed their enthusiasm and brainstormed with me to make it work.

However, down the line, it was quite a challenge to manage 9 women, myself included. Each has a schedule, work, family and extra curricular activities, so forth… Even more, keeping up was, to be absolutely honest, very very stressful..

Furthermore, the girls saw what I saw. Too much work, on top of our schedules.

So we decided to withdraw what was meant to become a “business plan”, a “projection of revenue” before we embark on this journey and end up loosing our friendship along the way.

In the process;

While what started to me as fun, ended up being a job that did not get me a paycheck at the end of the month. On the contrary, I started paying from my pocket to boost, sponsor, etc., to get numbers and get noticed by Google for ads and stuff. Woow.. This last month even the girls helped, in pitching to boost their own personal article once posted.


Similarly, work started piling up. Getting more views, more authors, more traffic…

As a result, we needed more, more, more…



Social Media interactions and contents..


The result;

new book

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Certainly, this is not the spirit of why this platform was created. A very dear friend of mine, told me; “Nadine, you started this for fun. So keep it just as fun”.

Hence, I would like to thank all my dear friends who have pitched in along this short “together” journey. They know they will always have a platform to speak up from, whenever they need to be heard.

A New beginning was needed.. A New Start.

At the time I had started this blog, initially, I truly believed that several subjects were important to us, GenX people. We are the generation that read.

Actually, I loved buying and holding a book to read.

We are the generation that grew up doing research in those encyclopedias we had at our parents house.. Oh, don’t deny it.. You must have at some point done just that.

Therefore, I did believe, wholeheartedly, that we are still the same.

Unfortunately, we aren’t.

I take myself first, as an example. I am an avid reader. Well, let’s say I was. I would finish book after book and enjoy it enormously. Now, when i am surfing the net, and I find an article (not book) that interests me; first thing I do is look up how much reading time its gonna take. Next to my own bed are 3 (yup..), 3 books which I have started reading, and haven’t yet finished. I don’t even remember when I first started them.. Hmmmm…

In the end;

That is not all! As much as many different subjects attract me,  I am sure you all are quite diversified as well in your own topics of interests.

One thing for sure is; we are all drawn to our personal issues. Once a personal subject is important to us; we can spend more than several minutes reading and researching..


Again more.

And yes, much much more.

Personal dilemmas..

Always the center of our world.

As a result, One True Blue journey will continue with just me.

My stuff.. My world…

I will share my own personal experiences, my thoughts, my life..


Finally, this is my New Start. Again.

Moreover, I do hope that my journey will add an extra something to yours!

Much Love


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