How to embrace the Joy of Missing out


Being a social extrovert does not mean at times you cannot be an introvert, it just means that when your body tells you to take a “break”; you should do just that!
FOMO vs.JOMO ???? In some cases you don’t need to be labelled as one of the two. You can easily be both depending on time and circumstance
(fear of missing out of missing out). However; one has to be able to decipher the difference between the two and if you are going back and forth in between these two phases then to always play by the rules of social wellness!
You do NOT need to compare your life to others (by being FOMO) but one thing is for sure is that you need to tune out of all background bickering of “you should do this” or  “don’t you want to do this??” and let go of all the worries of “not being in”. JOMO lets you live your life at your own pace and simply appreciate being human, connecting with humanity, and not worrying about keeping up with X,Y,or Z. In return, when you free your mind of all competitive and apprehensive thoughts you will then have more energy, time, affectivity.. etc to deal with your real priorities.

Be more calculated with your time: Schedule your priorities that are most important to you. This meaning not only work, but also your health, your friendships and your social welfare! Without wasting your time and energy worrying about what others are doing and you’re missing out!
Be mindful: Live in the present! Whether you are having ups and downs, take each moment and live by it. Relax if things are going tough, and celebrate the good news and mood swings, just don’t let competition of “keeping up” distract you from the NOW.
Be less “Tech-friendly”: Cut social media downtime and set limits on who or what u “follow”. Acknowledge real life and not the life you see on instagram and Facebook NO! life is NOT greener on the other side!! Water your own side and see it flourish. Try to disconnect every now and then to actually grasp the moments you are actually living.
Be very blunt: It’s OK to say NO…. As I have spoken about this in previous articles; self-love, do not do anything half heartedly as it will all come back to you as emptiness.You don’t have to be at every event you are invited to, don’t worry you won’t miss much!
Be attentive: Take your time to basically do everything. From thinking before speaking to taking all actions whether productive, creative or just simply thoughtful.

So, you see sometimes you need to miss out! Reconnect with your own self and inner peace. Take the time to love your body and your health. Everything CAN wait. Once you do live in that moment of being mindful of your needs you may then experience another feeling of wanting to go back to being a social extrovert! Just don’t be labelled! Trust me, its very challenging being called a “social butterfly” or a “party-animal” and the need to live up to these labels. I, on the other hand, have now mastered the ART of knowing when to have FOMO and when to have JOMO. Practice makes perfect!

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