is the door in your way

Is the door in your way??!!


Welcome 2019…

is the door in your way

We welcome the New Year!

And open the door wide wide open, to wish you all the happiness, prosperity and love this year.

The door to 2019 actually made me think of existing interior doors.. How may times have you walked into a space or room and have the door open unto the empty space? Logically, you would think that the door would open against a wall… Logically!

In my latest residential project, in one of the bedrooms, the door opens to a void on the left, because the right wall has a door to the bathroom.. Well it might make sense to others, however, to me, it doesn’t. Why would I open a bedroom door to have a view of the bathroom as I enter?

Wade Shaddy, on Hunker, wrote on April 27th 2018; “The design of the room typically determines the left or right swing designation for doors. An inward opening door should swing in the direction needed to provide adequate passage. If it bumps or blocks passage because of a wall, barrier or other object when you open it, such as a toilet or cabinet, the door should swing in the opposite direction.” Okkay.. Maybe it is correct, in case of emergencies; to be able to exit the bathroom quicker.. But the bedroom door can be closed, in my opinion!

But why then, when there is no bathroom?
In history, most castles and old houses had this fact. Most doors opened to void, regardless of an existing wall or door.. And it got me thinking.. Why?

is the door in your way

Have you ever thought about it? Or wondered?

When watching Downtown Abbey or any of the same era movies, take notice. This pic is credited to Downton Abbey.. See how this door opens from the room? And this is a library!!


Well, the only reason that came to my mind, especially in bedrooms, was Privacy..

is the door in your way

It hid the bed from view once the door was opened. It allowed the person inside the room, proper privacy from the servants, in those days, who would come to deliver a message or garment or tea (I loveee tea 😉 ) or anything else for that matter. And protect the reputation of whomever was lingering in bed ☺ !

Even in the libraries, which most evenings were spent (Photo credited to Downton Abbey). To be considered when you have servants! Nowadays, we barely have apartments to fit us in it.. Those were different different days! Well….

As said by emilyw on September 7th 2016 on AskMetaFilter; “Bedroom doors usually open into the bedroom and with the hinge on the bed side, so that when one person leaves the bedroom the door obscures at least some of the view of any scantily clad people who are still in there.”

Likewise as said by tillsbury on September 7th 2016 as well on AskMetaFilter ; “Internal doors should open “into” a room, as long as there is an obvious “into” direction. On top of that, doors into reception rooms should open in such a way as to give the maximum view while entering (so in the case of a door near the corner the door should open against the wall). Bedrooms are the opposite; such that someone already in the room has the maximum possible amount of warning that the door is opening before the person entering gets to see any part of the room. In the case of a door near the corner this means that the hinge side should be away from the wall.”

All logical explanations..

is the door in your way

Hence, when designing your homes and rooms, think of what makes you more comfortable..
Personally, I like to have a full view of a room when opening a door.. Whether a reception area or bedroom..


And always ask the advice of your personal Interior Designer..

Professional advise is worth it, and will eliminate future regrets!

Much love

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