The Entrepreneurial Journey Continues…
Part II


Hello Everyone!!

And now we have almost reached the end of December..

Time for Part II of “The Entrepreneurial Journey Continues”.

For those who have recently joined us, Part I was published in November. The introduction of what this article is about.

Hence; Our journey still continues, and let me tell you something! Oh we are absolutely still, just at the beginning!

The Entrepreneurial Journey Continues... Part II

Last month, I have shared with you, on the plane taking us to Lisbon, Portugal, the excitement to be on a trip to discover the Tech world; WebSummit, one of the world largest technology conference. An unknown territory, for both Soulaima (your Legal Advisor) and myself (your Interior Design Advisor).



The Entrepreneurial Journey Continues... Part II

And what a world!!!

People from everywhere, all sharing the same common passion for technology. Apps, software, websites,.. and sooo much more.

We met so many wonderful people, did amazing networking!

Contacts from many many countries, technical and legal. Attended talks, met with a one on one mentor, seen some of the biggest world investors. Up close 🙂 !

People from Amazon, Google, Farfetch,,… just to name a few.. Yeyyyy!

The Entrepreneurial Journey Continues... Part II

Now our aim was initially to go and try to get some investors onboard for the App “WeynOn”, which my partner and co-founder and I are developing.. However, we decided against the fund round at this stage.

Yes, we did..

Why? I’m sure you are asking yourselves!

Well! Investors, on the idea and offline wire-frame stage, are becoming rare and when this happens, a big chunk of your company (or future company) gets from you to them.

Unless you get yourself an Angel Investor (Parent, Uncle, or Rich rich friend 🙂 ), try to hold off as much as possible on your own.

Once you are developed, and in the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) stage, and I cannot stress enough on how important that is, then go knocking on doors! One step at a time, as our Wellbeing Advisor Myriam Ramadan keeps saying..

You would then have a working product you can show, and maybe brag on how many users you have attracted so far.

Soulaima and myself ended up getting some very useful information, and grasping what the buzz about the Tech world was really all about.. An amazing experience, on top of which we have had the chance to see a new city, Lisbon, which we both fell in love with!

The Entrepreneurial Journey Continues..Part II

Our App “WeynOn” recently has had some re-design work done to it, and is being developed.. We can’t wait to share it with all of you out there, very very soon! And get all your feedback!

In the end, the most important part of any journey you undertake needs to be taken with passion. Open up your horizons, and do not be afraid of trying the unknown. As long as you consciously make every decision, it will be an adventure to live and talk about.

I leave you with this for thoughts, and wish you all a very Blessed Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones.

Much Love




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