"Aren't you looking for Love?"

Aren’t you looking for Love?


Aren’t we all looking for LOVE?

Aren’t we not all trying to find that “special” someone to share our EVERYTHING with? Aren’t we all searching for that “partner” to be with till… Forever? If you’ve answered YES to any or all of the questions above then I suggest you read this article till the very end!!

When I was asked “Aren’t you looking for love?” I was abruptly about to answer and suddenly stopped myself short, stayed in silence for a moment or two and then answered; “No, I’m prepared to love”.
For sure the person who asked was referring to a “mate” or “partner”. However, I, on the other hand was referring to MANY other things and maybe, just maybe a “partner of some sort”!!

What I meant by “prepared”…
First of all; how well do you know yourself? Have you ever reflected upon your past patterns of behavior and of your previous relationships? Have you been making the same choices and having the same outcome all over again?

You may need to RE-learn yourself.

Whether it being counseling, coaching, healing, meditating, reflecting…etc.

One way I re-learned about myself was through healing and Reiki (thanks to Jad) as well as a life changing experience that I went to, called “The Bridge Retreat”.  At the Bridge I awakened, I realized, I mourned, I re-loved, and most of all, I nurtured the inner child inside of me. Here is where I saw WHERE I went wrong and since then my life has absolutely changed! I do have to acknowledge my facilitators for this! (Gabby, Donna, Freddi) whom I owe sooooo much to!

Secondly, you have to “De-Clutter” your life and mind and especially your space (thanks to Maysa Hamdan) I suggest to start off with getting rid of all that does not serve you. Even if (and especially) toxic relationships! Give yourself that closure. Honor it, and move forward. Clear out all negative energy around you and in your space. Clear out your home, car, office, room whatever it may be.

If something isn’t giving you JOY now, CHUCK it out!!
Forgive yourself, forgive others, forget and move on. “Before we can move on to bigger and better pastures, we must take responsibility, forgive old trespassers, forgive ourselves, and do some crazy authentic work in order to forget prior mistakes” Seth Elliot.

Thirdly, Ask for  and visualize what exactly you want. Have you read the book “The Secret”? Please do! Simply put, use the law of attraction to manifest all that you want! Simply: Ask and you shall receive.

Fourthly, Decide to put yourself out there. Live your life, love your life. Create and be effective, socialize and mingle. Accept all praises and invites, have fun and meet new people. Go into new and exciting social circles and why not, even new careers or job offers.

Last but not least, DO NOT GIVE UP… Be patient, be real, be fearless. Don’t be hopeless, keep your hopes up and alive.

There; After you have thoroughly “prepared” yourself in every aspect and angle of your life you can finally admit love into your life. But by saying love I mean all kinds of love… whether it being unconditional, familial, rational, intimate, sensual, platonic etc,etc,etc…


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