Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…

Heyy Santa!!


Hellooo Everyone,

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…

You are back!! And it’s the Best time of the year..

The festive season, the streets decorations and the lights.. Everywhere!!

A joyful prelude to the holidays!

December is the time of the year when we buy or bring down our Christmas trees and all the ornaments that goes with it.
We all put ourselves in colorful spirits, and find ways to decorate our homes and spaces with fun ideas, while trying to make it a little different than the past years..

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…

So how about we surprise Santa this year with our creativity!!

Allow me to give you a hand here, with some new fun ways to make a change to that tree;





1- How about a 2 colors theme? White and Green, White and Red, White and Black, Green and Red, Green and Gold?? Or my personal favorite, White and Gold or White and Silver! Pick just 2 colors and decorate your tree with them, and make sure to use the same colors in all the Christmas decorations around your space to give it a unifying boost.

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…  Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


2- Or how about you add some yummy and favorite candy to the ornaments on the tree? Something all the kids, and grown up are sure to love!! You can even add some Pop-Corn garland, and this will definitely not make it back to the storage ☺.

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…    Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


3- Feathers have been all the rage this year. Glam up your tree, and make it extra full with fluffy feathers tucked in between branches. They’ll add extra texture and fill in all those empty holes. White or colored Feathers are soo nice and will give it that special soft and airy feel.

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…   Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


4- How about we introduce some spring vibes to your Christmas? Make some garland of fresh or artificial flowers and decorate! You can make them in a cool light summery pastel arrangement or by inserting them in 2 or more shades.

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…   Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


5- You can outdo yourself by spraying everything in white, and get some Gold or Silver ornaments which you can layer with a soft white spray to dim the shine a bit. Your poinsettias and metallic baubles will have the snow-covered effects. And don’t forget to add some white fluffy carpet underneath the tree to finalize the snow effect!

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…   Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


6- Now for all of you who spend their Christmases in a hot country, and next to the seashores, let’s get those shells on the tree! They work best with a white tree, to which you can add some sea blue bauble and starfishes.. It will look amazing!

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…   Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


7- You can make your tree look sophisticated with tassels and candles. A romantic look for all those love birds out there. However, I would suggest some nice battery operated candles, as we do want the fire to stay inside the chimney! Right?

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…   Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


8- This one is the fun tree.. One with Pompoms! Yes go and get yourselves some wool yarns and make those pompoms and choose one of the color themes above and have it differently this year!

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…   Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


9- Or how about you just add some nice large letters as Christmas ornaments.. Either write CHRISTMAS, and have each letter stand out alone, or write the name of your family members!! This sure will make it as customized as possible..

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…  Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


10- One last suggestion; with your old ornaments, divide and assemble them in color strips; start with the reds at the bottom, then orange or yellow, then green and blue! A little rainbow, just inside your home.

Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…   Heyy Santa!! Surpriseeee…


Those are just a few ideas. And in whichever way you choose to decorate your Christmas tree and home this year, I know it will look amazing. And Santa will absolutely look forward to next year, and bring with him an extra special gift, for your effort and imagination!!!

Do it with LOVE and it will shine throughout your holidays and lives..

I wish you all a Blessed Season with all your families, loved ones and friends.

The true essence of the Holidays,

Much Love



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