how to take her on a date in an unconventional way

How to take her on a date in an unconventional way!


How to take her on a date in an unconventional way!

Dating at any age has its glisten and sometimes choosing the ideal place to take her on a date, to create the connection and get to know the person, requires a thorough thinking. The conventional cliche style of taking her on a date still stand; a romantic ambiance restaurant, a fancy setting bar and an upscale nightclub can serve the purpose. Nevertheless, thinking outside the box will guarantee more dates to come and most importantly cut short the nonsense and create a sense of connection.

“Olive-picking advantage” date was my suggestion to a very dear friend who came asking about a fun place to take her out on a date. Perfectly orchestrated for this time of the year, and such an outing will work magically in bringing the two of them together, experimenting something new, living the nature and a pleasurable time is guaranteed. Besides, my family and I had scheduled the upcoming weekend to harvest the olives and we can use an extra hand (4 hands more! not bad).

Usually October and November are mainly the two months designated for olive-picking in most of Mediterranean counties, so an olive-picking advantage followed by a visit to the olive mill and ending with tasting the olive oil which is pressed from your harvest would be a promising date to talk about months to come (maybe years – fingers crossed).

The couple-to-be (hopefully) hit the countryside road and reached Rechmaya, a typical Lebanese village, (which I have talked about in a previous article), around 10:30 am. We, the three generations— my brother, my sister and I, our parents and our kids in addition to some other friends, were already in the olive grove and almost finished harvesting a dozen or so trees.

With ultimate enthusiasm and eagerness, the couple-to-be followed our lead. They rolled up their sleeves, laid the net around and under the tree to catch the falling olives, and then they grabbed the olive rakes dragging them over the leaves to push the olives down into the net. For the persistent olives and high branches, long sticks are used to strike the branches.

By the time we took our 20 minutes lunch break, the couple-to-be had just finished harvesting their first tree (three hours to harvest one tree, not good at all). Vegetable from the garden along with homemade Lahmeh Bajeen (meat pies) delivered hot on the spot and a glass of red wine, in an olive grove under the lazy sunshine worked magically on the couple-to-be as they kept ignoring the repetitive cues to go back to work. In no time, we attacked the rest of the trees, while the two love birds (seems things were moving quickly between those two) were still harvesting their second tree; (Forget about the 4 extra hands I mentioned earlier).

The olive sacks were packed into the cars and off we left to the local olive oil press. The troughs uplifted the olives in a process to separate the olives from some undesired surplus leaves, and then to rinse them. The olives made their way into the churning devices, and forty minutes later, we got our extraction: condensed light green extra virgin olive oil.

Tasting the newly born extracted oil is always the fun part; admiring the quality, taste, color and the acidity of the oil and whining about the back-breaking work and the aching of every inch of our bodies. The two love birds wanted to participate in the whining process, but we stopped them before they uttered a single word (of course, the whole day to harvest two trees can not generate any aching)!

how to take her on a date in an unconventional way

Each one of us at the olive grove had a blast time. Creating and reviving a communal tradition to enjoy nature, get family together is something blissful and should always be pushed forward. As for the two love birds, they loved, enjoyed and cherished their far from being a contrived date. Frankly speaking, I did not guess their fond of the day just on my own; both of them mentioned it repetitively while they did not shy away from accepting the extra virgin oil gallons that we happily offered them.

“Olive-picking advantage” date is a good suggestion, endorsed by a certified testimony from my friend and his plus one.  As for you, readers, try it or try something similar; grape-picking date, a trail to explore together, or a gastronomic picnic on top of a mountain.

Ecotourism is a hit for travel destination; so use it also while planning your unconventional dating outing.

Mona Chalhoub

Hospitality Enthusiast


P.S:  Hopefully, I will share more ecotourism dating ideas in time and according to the season.

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