publishing? can you do it on your own?

Publishing? Can you do it on your own?


3Hello Everyone,

It’s with pleasure that I introduce to you, our First Guest writer, Nassim Nakad.

publishing? can you do it on your own?

Born in Lebanon, Nassim went from photography to taking filming courses in Italy and Canada . He worked as a TV series editor, videographer and documentary maker; “Out of sight, out of mind” and “Heated melodies”.

Author of “Illusion” and “My Paranoid Theory”.

Below is his input on Self-Publishing, just as his experienced it!

Hope you enjoy the read,

Much love


For One True Blue


                                             About self publishing

Since the dawn of our civilization, people were interested in telling their stories. They started with leaving drawings and paintings of their daily life on the walls of their caves. Then, the invention of the alphabets came and they began writing their stories, engraved on rocks, wood logs or written on papers.

publishing? can you do it on your own?

In our modern days, it’s not enough to write a story, there’s a long procedure to avoid writing a story and keeping it in a drawer to be destroyed by dust and time.

It became a frustrating difficult business.

The first and most enjoyable step for a writer is writing… But then comes; publishing, marketing and distribution…

Most writers have to go through submitting their work to publishers, deal with many rejections, get feed-backs, do some editing, proofreading and of course the most painful stage is getting forced to do some changes in order to get an approval for publishing.

publishing? can you do it on your own?

However, the most recent trend since the rise of the internet is self publishing, and like everything else, it has its pros and cons:

It might give the freedom for an author to write his/her own words, the way he/she desires to, but then comes the hassle of getting it distributed properly.

A bad distribution is an equivalent way of letting a book, rotten in the drawer or the maximum to get it read by some friends and family.

I personally started writing stories at a very young age, some were written with pencils and are almost unreadable now, others were forgotten in drawers or lost on old computers’ hard drives.

Lately, I took the easy way and started self publishing my stories, they’ve been rated from mediocre to unique usual stories. I got reviews that gave a perfect rating but still didn’t say much about the real content while others were so bad and didn’t get anything from the story.

publishing? can you do it on your own?

This is not the point though, to help others choose the way of telling their stories I have few words to say:

Find your voice, do what makes you happy and tell your story the way you want, whether your story is an essay, a fiction, a memoire or any other genre. As long as you are not planning to make a living from writing, then you’ll be fine. You can write and publish at your own speed with no deadlines and no pressure.

At the end, if you make it or not won’t change a thing… everything has been said, recycling arts is a form of creativity, so just enjoy your journey and whatever path you choose will be the right one as long as you believe in it.


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