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Self confidence is a super power!

Once you start believing in yourself and quit overthinking, replaying failed scenarios, and feeding self doubt, magic starts to happen.

In my next few articles I will be sharing with you all my experience at “The Bridge Retreat”; please do check out their website and social media pages to know what I’m actually talking about! The drive to Somerset, England was a beautiful relaxing two and a half hour one; I was on the way to a place called 42 Acres. The scenery was quite relaxing! I cannot say that the estate was a luxurious one; however a very British countryside cottage-style houses.

After registering myself (and my favorite sister) we were taken to our room; we got the biggest one with a huge suite and private bathroom as we ARE used to luxury and not used to sharing private areas! We were then summoned up to meet up with the rest of the BRIDGERS and meet our facilitators. Ahhhh. Gabi, Donna, Freddi …. the QUEENS of LOVE, i.e. our facilitators.

At first I really couldn’t pinpoint what all the fuss was about considering our facilitators and the whole concept in general (and I stayed that way for two consecutive days! ). The six day retreat was just getting started and I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms from the minute they confiscated my phone! I was having anxiety on how I had no contact with my mother and children for six days!!!! I closed my eyes, lifted up my head, palm-to-palm and prayed to God to keep my family from harm…..

Welcome to the Bridge Retreat!

The Bridge Retreat is a six day personal development experience that offers life transformation through deep healing. It offers an exceptional healing experience using a powerful combination of bodywork, visualization, meditation, ritual, education, group sharing and individual reflective sessions. Food, music, silence and nature form a significant part of the retreat experience and combine to deepen the inner and outer healing. Beautiful ceremonies weave throughout the week with Harvard backed research on their efficacy for therapeutic purposes. Sessions address holistic ailments that form part of the human condition and work on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. The mixture of the cognitive and cathartic experiences provide context and enhanced understanding for the mind to then allow the body to process its emotional blocks safely. As well as working in groups and reconnecting to the power of community, there is also plenty of time for solitude to reflect, rest and integrate the experiences.

Once an individual’s losses and emotional blocks are processed, The Bridge expands the work to consider the bigger picture of global healing with a focus on service and living from a place of authenticity and love.

In my next article I will take you all on my journey inside the retreat and bring about to you all what I mostly learned and how I plan to use all that I learned there in my life outside the Bridge so stay tuned….

To be continued…

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