What are the documents needed for a property purchase?

What are the documents needed for a property purchase?


What to look for when you purchase real estate property?


You want to buy an apartment or a piece of land and you need to know how to avoid any legal pitfalls.

It is always advisable to have a lawyer look at all the documents, but it is also good to have an idea about the main documents to have and where to look.

First thing you will ask for is the certificate of ownership, (إفادة عقارية) this certificate will show you mainly the identity of the owner or owners of the plot you are buying, its area, its rooms and spaces.

Every plot is divided into 2400 parts that can be owned by one person or by as many, check about how many parts your seller owns, the agreement will only implicate those parts.

Most important, it will show you if the plot is charged with any lawsuit, mortgage, loan or any charges whatever their nature, and will show you if any planning project is passing by the plot or if the plot you are buying is trespassing its borders ( (مخالفة بناء).

You will ask for a “leasing value certificate” (قيمة تأجيرية) it is a certificate delivered by the municipality that will enable you to know the registration value of the plot and that won’t be delivered before the seller is acquitted of all his fees to the ministry of finance.

But most important don’t forget to ask about a clearance (براءة ذمّة) from the municipality, this document is not required for the registration, so you must ask for it to clear your plot from any outstanding fees to the municipality.

And of course, the seller must have the deed of ownership, but sometimes if this deed is lost you can always ask for a recovered deed (بدل عن ضائع).

These are the main documents that will prove if it is safe to buy the plot you are purchasing, but again I advise you to revert to a lawyer or an expert before taking any steps, especially that sometimes the situation of the plot is complicated, although this shouldn’t stop you from buying, but should urge you to protect your rights.


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