What defines a Blog?

Blogging! Press Update please…


Hello everyone,

And so the learning journey doesn’t end!! I am on a constant curve and I do believe it won’t stop..

One True Blue is my first experience with blogging.. To be honest, I had no clue, as the idea came to me to start it, how to go about..

What defines a Blog?

Searched the net, asked a few friends; however I realized it was only with practice that I would learn.
And I am.. Something different and new everyday..
When I gathered my friends with me, all of the Authors participating with their individual amazing articles and tips, well I had asked them each 2 articles per month..
We are 9 all together, and that made 18 articles per month.. What about the rest of the days, I thought!?
It was fun to come up with several categories and I do love each and every one I came up with..

But I had not anticipated the amount of work it was going to take, and all befell on me.. What with my ID articles, my ID work (site, clients and all..), researching for the other categories, the Insta and Fb posts and stories, my project in Tech (I do have one in development, that tooo.. loll), my boys, my partner, my friends, gym (which I have neglected for the past month) and extra family duties, meeting with people in the field of Social Media to get our voices heard,… well you get the picture.. A lot of free time is left.. yea? NO!

blog update please

I thought a blog meant that we needed to have something every day..
The definition I read was: “A blog is another form of diary or journal, but it is one that is digital and on the Internet. These are often referred to as online diaries/journals or personal blogs. They may document your day-to-day experiences or even social commentary”.. Hence, everyday..

We are a blog that caters mostly to GenX.. Can a GenX read an article every single day? Even if they are in quick format?! Most answers which I have received recently were; No! Seems even my authors can barely keep up with the read..
So Lesson learned..

It is advised to have a blog article every other or couple of days.. So be it!
Relief flooded over me.. Less stress, and a lesser hectic schedule.. Thank God ..
And that is to all of you out there with the idea to blog.. It’s fine to skip a few days.. People will stay tuned!

what defines a blog

Press Update, please!


Thank you..

New update 🙂

As of this week, each author will have one article per month, and I will post from one of the categories.. Depending on the mood!!
A total of 10 posts per month..
Not 30.. lolll.. Yessss!!

Hope you stay tuned with us, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, go right ahead!!
It’s one email per week.. we won’t flood your inbox.. Cool?!!

Looking forward to continuing this journey with you!!

Much love
Nadine for One True Blue


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