Cooking as Therapy..



In  my family, ” the long live the fawaregh*” motto is directly followed by ” I love you I feed you till we roll you off the table”. Food is an expression of love. Love for oneself and love for others. For years, food wasn’t much about love for me but more about hiding,  about eating my emotions. Until I managed to channel this into a more constructive way to deal with it. Dealt with my emotions, and I became more picky about what I put in my body. I brought back the love in the cooking … it because a creative process. creative a meal out of clean and fresh ingredients. Cooking became a way to distress and relax, an activity to have loved ones over for a session of laughter and merriment .

Cooking for oneself or others triggers different emotions from different people. Some finds it drudgery. It is something they have to do to survive. others hate the smell of cooking at home and refuse to do it. For people like me, it is an expression of love. Love for oneself or others.

With the years, cooking became more of a therapy to me. after a long and stressful day, where you feel that nothing is working, nor working as planned, coming home, putting on your favorite happy playlist (yes I have a happy playlist that makes me dance in the kitchen) and start prepping and cooking takes all the stress away. For me, it is the best way to unwind and I find it a form of meditation.

I quit a job once because I couldn’t cook for myself and even if I did we couldn’t heat our food at work. I wanted to have a warm meal a day!!! I used to come home so stressed and depressed that I had barely the energy to shower and sleep.

Therapists believe (Myriam I am not trespassing!) that cooking gives people a sense of power and agency. The feeling that  they are back in control after the outside pressures they were feeling. the fact that cooking a meal forces one to start something and finish it also gives a sense of accomplishment.

So I have to say: cook your worries away!!!


This is a no recipe post since tomorrow I will be posting the Recipe of the Month , which is a new section on the blog. I hope you enjoy it.


*fawaregh is the Scottish haggis but stuffed with rice and meat or the Egyptian/ Turkish mumbars.

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