Why do you feel Nostalgia, while on Social Media?

Why do you feel Nostalgia, while on Social Media?


Social Media..

I remember when we lived without Social Media..

I guess life was easier and I do believe more interesting.. I wish at times that Tech had stopped somewhere around the first Blackberry and first IPhone.. It was a great tool to keep connected, to get news and assurances from loved ones and friends.. Even before the first initial Facebook.. Remember Friendster, MySpace,.. they were fun, and easy back then.

Now Social Media is work by itself.. I personally started with personal accounts, and it was cool to message and see photos and sharing stuff. Until Ohhh man! U had to have a business account.. When u own a business! This is how things are done now. If you are not in there, might as well not exist..

Companies have made it a work empire, to handle Social Media accounts for small to medium size businesses.. They study the Reach, and how to boost.. bla bla blaaa..(not very familiar, yet, so excuse me for not elaborating)!

There are books to teach you, videos to educate you! Am I alone in thinking that this is too much hard work? Even if behind a cell phone or laptop?? I long for the days of those endearing commercials on TV, and those magazines that we waited for eagerly, to turn those pages and check out what was new.. That excitement!

Yea I know, I know!! It is true, Social Media has a lot of advantages.. I really need to remember them.. And I would so enjoy it more, had I been just a spectator and not a participant in the business sector of SM..

However, reality is here to stay.. I guess I might just be longing for a simpler way.. Not only for the GenX people who must probably feel the same, but for all the Millennial as well.

Till that day, I leave you all with that thought,

Much love


for One True Blue

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