My short life as a Techie…


The frustrating life of a GenX person trying to deal with all the technicalities involved in creating this blog!! Like me against the world.. This is what I felt…
Well you think it’s easy!! Think again…
I was glued, literally, to my laptop for a week or more. Watching every tutorial and reading every instructive link.. Oh Boy!! Some things are, and I admit, beyond me..

In Word Press, there is a support site. I submitted a “ticket”.. In other words, I nagged .
No reply. I sent the following email:
Will I have answers today about the questions I have sent again yesterday?”

Half an hour later I get the following;

“Dear Nadine,
We process all tickets in the queue order. Please wait, and I’m sure our support agents will come back to you shortly.
Best regards”

Felt at school… lolll

So I get all grown up and decide to act maturely and wait my turn. I am a professional after all..

And eventually, Elliot answers. Poor poor Elliot, who did not know what was in store for him.

After a few answers, I even tried asking them for full support and have them deal with any problem.. Kind of like my own personal social media tech! To which I was nicely replied to: “Dear Nadine, I can always help you for free within our support .” And I actually really got a wink.. hahah. Oh you poor man..
Hence, I rolled my sleeves up and the questions and screenshots kept pouring on him, and he was extra professional and sent all the answers he could.
Until the answers turned into questions;
“I’m confused. What page settings are you referring to?” And “I’m not sure I understand you correctly..”

Oh Man! Don’t loose me Elliot.. I can barely breathe here.. I do believe he felt my suffocation.. Because soon he sent “ Please provide a temporary admin login and URL to your site and I’ll take a look. What active color would you like me to set for the calendar?” Yeyyyy.. Now we’re talking and these are my kind of questions..

In the end, my life as a social Techie was short! And very very hard..
I did believe that I had some level of IQ concerning the tech field, and that was shoved in my face. To some extent… Now I know what Moron feels like..

My new and very fresh advice to you would be:

Give the professional his due to do the work, and let your ego and mind stay put!


Much Love



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