Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love


Recently,I have been ranting in all my posts,messages,letters etc… about “unconditional love”. Today I woke up and asked myself “why recently?”. Well, it could be because of the fact that it was my birthday “week”,I’m sure that played a huge role! But lately I have been obsessing about “GRATITUDE”! I am grateful for all this love that I have from people near or far away, close or just acquaintances,young or old.

Unconditional love is TRUE love! No conditions,no boundaries,no limitations. It is a complete kinda love which is given and received freely and without anything whatsoever in return ….. except maybe the same kind of love back.

In my opinion,there are many forms and degrees of unconditional love;the most important being a parents’ love. A mother’s love for her child is by far the strongest and most powerful kind of love anyone can experience! However,there is one love that maybe higher or equivalent to this depending on the person himself…and that is the love of God(i.e. anything one believes in or considers as a supreme being or creator or some may call it “the universe”) but this love is “untouched” and I would like to keep it this way in this article !

Now, going back to the forms of unconditional love…So, we said a parents’ love for their child is considered unconditional and on that same level I feel so is family love(mother,father,siblings etc) What about “PARTNER” love…. aha! and that is the question!!!

“Never chase love,affection,or attention.If it isn’t given FREELY by another person,it isn’t worth having” this is probably one of my favorite quotes! Notice how I capitalized the word “freely”. Love is not bought,nor is it attained,nor is it a “win-win” situation,nor is it timed,or has an expiration date,and it definitely does not have an ultimatum!

To learn this “kind” of love you will have to go through many hardships,experiences,let downs,heartbreaks,and the list goes on and on…and on! As somewhat of an empath myself I did have a tendency to put those I love before me;their needs,their wants,their moods and their insecurities would be my primary focus. I thought THAT was the meaning of love! To be a geisha!!! I would then mask off any of the intuitions I had and ignored every single sign or doubt that I would have and recognizing it as part of the process. Well,I was wrong! There is absolutely NOOO price to be paid back to be loved!! This idea is generated by self-love! (and self-worth)

After much healing,therapy,coaching..(yes I did alllll that!! unbelievable isn’t it?? that such a “social butterfly” would need all that!) I can finally say “I LOOOOOVVVEEEE MEEEE MEEEE MEEEE”

You see, The only way to reach this point in giving and receiving UNCONDITIONAL love is by loving yourself first! Love all your faults and imperfections.Love that man/woman in the mirror inside and out! DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT love in vein!(or else you will be ridiculed) Once you learn to love YOU first you will then attract love in all its beautiful forms without having to lift a finger or pay anyyy price whatsoever whether it being material,physical,or even emotional!


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