Being Well no matter what…


“Being Well” no matter what…

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary”- Paulo Coelho

“WellBeing” is a concept that can be linked nowadays to an image of luxurious pampering like spas, detox centers, healthy eating, meditating or practicing yoga. A mental picture of Zenitude (a form of calm, tranquility) jumps at me, as am sure it does at others at the mere mention of this word.

Hence, in today’s world where taking care of oneself is of utmost importance, “WellBeing” might have become a discipline one should spend money on in order to reap its benefits. We can then naturally deduce that WellBeing is a concept that only a certain socioeconomic strata can afford to indulge in.

After having the chance to watch the movie “Capharnaum” by the Lebanese director Nadine Labaky, which won the Jury Award in Cannes 2018, I realized that the search for “wellbeing” can also simply be the quest for “being well”, one of the most innate, human feelings that every person rich or poor, child or adult strives for and would like to attain even in the simplest, most basic way.

In the movie “Capharneum”, Zayn the hero is a 12 years old boy whose extremely underprivileged family is part of the lowest economic echelon of society. The boy, a child laborer goes through the worst, most painful, cruel hardships in every aspect of his life, that any child should have to humanely endure. To the point where he rejects his parents for their cruelty towards him and his siblings, and ends up taking them to court because “they gave birth to him” (I will not give away anymore as not to spoil it for those who want to see it).

Despite his daily adversities and miseries, this amazing child finds happiness in small things like discovering an amusement park for the first time, and most importantly in taking care of others…

So Being Well or WellBeing transcends money, culture and age to become accessible and present in the simplest ways. So, go ahead and find the uncomplicated, close to you heart pleasures in life.

Light your favorite candle, enjoy your first sip of morning coffee or tea, change something in your daily routine, guilt free…

One step at a time.



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