Inviting Guests… For Photography!



Everything in life is about communication, cordiality, sincerity and beauty.. Well, most things are, and don’t we just wish everything else was as clear…

Photography is a tool which conveys the picture.. About the abundance or lack of all the above..

And it does with clarity, just as the eye captures it.. Now let’s disregard in that instance any Photoshop work or filters to the photograph.. We are talking about the big picture here.. Cool!?

We want to welcome some great and wonderful persons, who, through their lenses, are depicting stories after stories of almost anywhere in the world. Some are professionals, while others are just amateurs. We will be posting their posts randomly, a few times per month.. Hope you enjoy this new category, as much as we do..

It’s such a joy to be able to publish them on One True Blue, with pictures that are only shared with us, and for us..

Open your eyes wide and let them fill your minds with their perspectives…

Welcome to our Social Club, you guys!!

Much Love


For One True Blue


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