Visualizing… To make a Good Choice!


Hello Everyone,

The amazing field of Interior Design has no limit.. A field of colors, textures, shapes and forms.. A career that promises Imagination and Creativity with no holding back.. The sky supposedly is our limit; but most times of course, our clients are.. Loll..

Not everyone can see the end result, and we use 3D colored perspectives, 3D plans, and colored elevations, palettes, …,  to convey the image only we can see.. Of course, these are not free and the client who needs to be assured of what the space will be, has to pay for these drawings and boards..

In most cases, this is money very well spent.. Yes indeed.. Can you imagine what your feelings and situation will be if what you, as a client, thought of, was a totally different outcome to what the end result turned out to be.. Ouchhh..

This is a space you will have to live in, and bear those consequences.. Unless you pay again to have it changed.. Not a nice scenario tho, right???

So my professional advise, as your Friendly ID is, don’t cut out on the drawings.. This is the time where you can change, adjust and make everything just as you want it to.. They are your entire and final project, on paper..

Unless you have full confidence and trust in your Interior Designer, and give him or her a “carte blanche” to turn your space into what they believe is the best for you!

If that is the case, then give me a call.. Now!! lolll…

So remember; The choice is always yours… Choose wisely!!

Much Love



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