Al Malga, or should I say the “greeting”?

Since I was younger I was always asked “how do you do it?”; “Do what?” I reply humbly. Capture people’s attention, well I can act all cool and say I was born with it but we all know that’s NOT the full truth! It all starts with the “meet and greet” , I call it “Malga”. It’s how you greet people in the first instance that either pulls them to you, or even away from you! Sincerity is a very visible trait that can be felt and not just seen! So keep this in mind when you meet someone; it’s exactly how you greet them! To win them over first of all be sincere! Let your smile, your eyes, your senses all do the greetings!

Yesterday, at lunch in a restaurant my sister (who is my idol), gave me a remark; why can’t you just say hello, nod your head and move on??? (she said it with a fed up tone!)

Well, I do that sometimes when I don’t know the person well enough or maybe I have no recognition of him or her, but if I have ever shared a few sentences at any given time or date thennnn YESSS I will be cordial and sweet and alllll smiles and shiny eyes!

My answer to everything in life is LOVE. Whatever you give, give it with 100% pure love so you get the same love back… Once you give half heatedly you will receive emptiness. You see, whatever you give out you will receive! By controlling my subconscious mind and training it regularly it finally finds effect on our conscious minds. Therefore, we can control what we receive by giving just that! Now, who wants to be half-loved anyway????

Food for thought 😉

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