What is an Interior Designer??!!


Hello Everyone,

Truly very excited to get a jump start on our blog.. And to share with you the first article about Interior Design..

In the beginning, let me define what it is we, Interior Designers (ID), do.. We are known as well as Interior Architects, who turn your interiors into beautiful spaces.. My motto is “Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space”.

As professionals, we take care of every aspect of the design, down to the very detail, from space planning (my passion ), plumbing, electrical, lighting, heating, cooling (yeaa the technical stuff..), fixtures and of course finishes to conclude with all materials and furniture!

An interior Designer, holder of a BA in Interior Design, not only needs to have an amazing taste and a keen eye for detailing, but be very keen on the technical drawings and documents that all workers must abide with.
A job that is not as easy as it seems, what with having to work with all kind of engineers, handy men, … , and spending a lot of time on site, surrounded by debris, dust, smells (ohhh the smell of paint, my favorite!) and a certain understandable chaos..

And that exactly is what makes Interior Design, to me, such a passion…
A non-stop creative process, to be able to cater to every different client, while respecting their budget, space and most importantly to have their spaces and homes reflect their personalities and souls! Not mine as an ID..

That is the challenging work of a successful Interior Designer ..

Till next article,



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