Hospitality in a cocktail!! Cheers!


I am so excited to be a part of such a diverse wide professional platform, One True Blue. Each one in a specific domain would share ideas, experiences or issues related to the field one is specialized in (legal, education, design, marketing, insurance and much more various fields). But would hospitality field fit in this cocktail?!


Hospitality in a simple definition is to be gracious and affectionate in receiving other people and to create a welcoming atmosphere. The platform, One True Blue is created for this purpose; a place to support deeper relationships between the writers and the readers and also among the readers themselves. It helps to learn from each other and to develop awareness, intrigue curiosity on different topics, maybe find answers to some questions raised. (Fingers are crossed). One True Blue would be like a boutique hotel with upscale eccentric personality and distinctive style, each room has its own design and atmosphere, yet all are special with idiosyncratic vibe in their own ways. The whole hotel itself creates a sensation of belonging; a reception area to receive you and fulfill your wishes, many common sitting areas to mingle or find luxury in peaceful spaces. (you choose, we deliver)


Back to the question raised, would hospitality fit in this cocktail? Well, it seems that the whole platform is a big giant hospitality podium hosting various ingredients to add to the flavor as hospitality is the main alcohol. Fine with me! Cheers!

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