The butterfly Samar Al-Bunnia, our Social Advisor.


They call me the “Social Butterfly” not by chance…but, by the love I have for socializing! For the contacts I have in all the many countries I have lived in or even visited. I must confess coming from such a deep-rooted family in Iraq did make a huge contribution in the number of people of which I have access to; nevertheless my love for people and life in general is my biggest asset!

I say ASSET because every time I did start any kind of venture I noticed that my “way of being” actually is the secret of my success! Will tell you more about that in my articles though…just wanted to give you a sneak peek to keep you on your toes!


I am a single mom of two beautiful girls who through them I learned how to LOVE … unconditionally! You see, whatever the question is, LOVE is the answer.


“I am not here to hide my magic

I am here to own my space


You can contact me on …


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